4 Reasons To Write Down Your Goals

We live in a world where our attention is always spreading in different directions demanding action. So intentionally directing your time and energy to the things that are most important to you is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. It separates those who have full control of their lives from those who are affected by their unconscious unawareness of their lack of direction in life; leaving them at the mercy of the common outcome of actions more than likely taken in the spare moment of circumstance.

In a recent Harvard study suggests 83% of Americans do not have written goals, which explains why the percentage of average to low-income households are so high.

Not long ago as I was talking to a very knowledgeable friend from www.chulavistahousecleaning.org, I realized that most small business owners who have been able to explode their business, including my friend, have all done so by having very specific written goals on how to attain it.

Here are four reasons why successful men and women write down their goals daily:

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3 Tips For Confidence

We all had experienced events and periods in our lives when we lacked confidence. It is an entirely normal feeling that everyone goes through. The important thing is understanding what may cause the lack of self-trust and or insecurity. There are many ways of improving self-confidence, and I listed below are three tips that lead to a higher confidence and self-efficacy.

Many things may cause one’s confidence to increase, and here are some of them: Thinking positively, taking care of care one’s self-image, being aware of natural thought patterns, living in congruence with your values, and bringing awareness to situations that cause insecurity or the lack of confidence. And most important of all, taking small action every day towards the things that will push and increase the levels of confidence; breaking out of the comfort zone. Listed below are three tips I learned from one of my mentors Victor Jimenez, one of the top plumbers in San Diego, CA.

1) Understand & Know Your Values

Knowing your values may take some time to figure out if you haven’t done so already. It requires a few hours Continue reading 3 Tips For Confidence

Don’t Always Share Your Knowledge

Having knowledge you spend hours, months and sometimes years learning, is what I would consider almost as valuable as gold 🙂 Now in the same concept with money, you shouldn’t be stingy, a generous person will gain more from giving and sharing than someone who hoarders what they’ve gained. However, there is a delicate balance in separating what’s smart and what isn’t all that smart to share, and most importantly who you share it with.

Some knowledge isn’t meant for sharing, but to be kept for yourself. The knowledge you accumulate in relationships, financial strategies, business goals, and personal empowering experience, etc. are best kept to yourself. There are exceptions in some situations, but for the most part in my experience, it is best left unsaid.

Be aware of who you are sharing your ideas with, especially if you don’t yet know the person fully. When dealing and talking about sensitive matters, or things that are important to you, the first step in knowing who you’re dealing with is to studying the individual. Everyone is different in many ways, pay attention if information is being passed evenly. Is the person only after in for their gain? Do they reveal powerful knowledge of their own as well? Are you talking more than listening? Some people will only want to learn but never reveal secrets or great experience of their own in an attempt to maintain some level of power over others. When dealing with this type of people, be aware and choose carefully what you share with them.

3 Simple Morning Routines

Everyone has a morning routine, whether you know it or not. Having one that sets you up for a positive day can change your life for the better, as simple as it may sound. I started doing this stuff about four years ago, check out my about page here.

If there is one thing that every successful people have, is a solid routine that they carefully planned and structured in harmony with their values. A very famous and worldwide success coach that really emphasizes on this is Brian Tracy, one of my first mentors that have changed my life completely. As they all say, success leaves clues, and it’s not a bad idea to learn from them and their daily habits.

Since what we are today is simply a result of our past thinking and actions, it’s important to be aware of what we do every day. Studies have shown that habits take on average 77 days to form, and many of us aren’t even mindful of the fact that we have them! So here are the 3 rituals that some of the most famous and fruitful people do every single day:

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Why I Skipped College

There are many ways to accumulate knowledge and make money, and college is one of them, but not the only way. Gaining information, you will most likely never apply in the real world doesn’t sound all that appealing after all.

Since we live in a constantly changing and evolving society, it is important to develop new skills and knowledge continuously. The only problem is that many seem to limit their potential and opportunities by having a false belief that college is the only source to reach their intellectual, financial or public reputation goals. Living in an era where entrepreneurship is at its peak, the avenues to attain these dreams have increased even more, and a number of unemployed graduates who are in serious debt are convincing enough to consider other avenues at least. This video from foxbusiness.com has an interesting entrepreneur’s view on this matter.

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