3 Simple Morning Routines

Everyone has a morning routine, whether you know it or not. Having one that sets you up for a positive day can change your life for the better, as simple as it may sound. I started doing this stuff about four years ago, check out my about page here.

If there is one thing that every successful people have, is a solid routine that they carefully planned and structured in harmony with their values. A very famous and worldwide success coach that really emphasizes on this is Brian Tracy, one of my first mentors that have changed my life completely. As they all say, success leaves clues, and it’s not a bad idea to learn from them and their daily habits.

Since what we are today is simply a result of our past thinking and actions, it’s important to be aware of what we do every day. Studies have shown that habits take on average 77 days to form, and many of us aren’t even mindful of the fact that we have them! So here are the 3 rituals that some of the most famous and fruitful people do every single day:

1. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Planning your day the night before gives you a clear understanding of what needs the most attention when starting off your day. It also allows you to organize and structure a priorities checklist, which in turn can minimize unproductive task, giving you a better time management for the day.

2. Read Something Of Value

Since the average person reads less than a book a year, this can be a bit of a challenge. Now, this is something that plays a huge factor in successful people’s lives. Take Warren Buffett as an example; he reads 500-600 a day, every single day. Bill Gates made it a habit of reading 50 books a year, and Mark Zuckerberg the great Facebook guy, reads two books a week.

You don’t have to read on the subject that doesn’t interest you, in fact, you should do the exact opposite. Read on topics that you are passionate about, or that will help you in achieving your desired goal. If Robots Virtual World is something that you like, why not learn a little more every morning?

3. Physical Exercise

Here is another one that might be a bit hard to follow through on… But there some amazing health benefits of physically exercising every morning. Doctors say that a brief 30-minute walk, or gym session a day, can stimulate various brain chemicals that will leave you more relaxed and happier throughout the day, decreasing the chances of depression and anxiety. Also proven to boost self-confidence even with a gradual result in appearance.

So having positive, productive morning rituals can slowly change your life for the better. Since it takes 77 days to lock a habit, it’s important to stay consistent in the beginning stages. There are plenty of reasons aside from the 3┬álisted above; now it’s just a matter of putting it to practice!

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