3 Tips For Confidence

We all had experienced events and periods in our lives when we lacked confidence. It is an entirely normal feeling that everyone goes through. The important thing is understanding what may cause the lack of self-trust and or insecurity. There are many ways of improving self-confidence, and I listed below are three tips that lead to a higher confidence and self-efficacy.

Many things may cause one’s confidence to increase, and here are some of them: Thinking positively, taking care of care one’s self-image, being aware of natural thought patterns, living in congruence with your values, and bringing awareness to situations that cause insecurity or the lack of confidence. And most important of all, taking small action every day towards the things that will push and increase the levels of confidence; breaking out of the comfort zone. Listed below are three tips I learned from one of my mentors Victor Jimenez, one of the top plumbers in San Diego, CA.

1) Understand & Know Your Values

Knowing your values may take some time to figure out if you haven’t done so already. It requires a few hours of alone time, with a pen and papers at hand and some thinking and reflecting. Writing down everything that is important to you, then once done, organizing and prioritizing everything. This helps in building confidence because you’re able to understand yourself better, what’s of importance to you, what you should be spending the time on and what doesn’t matter in the first place.

2. Develop Self-Awareness

To be in a leadership position, it requires a confidence and competent person. As you might have noticed in the leaders around you, they all possess some level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Self-awareness is critical in developing confidence because allows you to see and understand your strengths and weaknesses. You can then focus your energy on the things that you’re good at, and paying attention to the people around you who have strengths in your areas of weakness. This helps because you can either start associating with such individual to gain and learn from or study on how to improve in such areas yourself. Another benefit of developing awareness is the ability to analyze situations and personalities, learning by decerning small details that often goes unnoticed by the unconscious person. The practice of mindfulness is the fastest and most efficient way to increase awareness.

3. Practice Self-Affirmations

Self-affirmations is so effective it can change your life completely, not only in confidence but any area you desire. The power behind affirmations is that tells the most compelling part of your brain, which takes orders as literally and brings it into reality; The subconscious mind. By having a written affirmation on exactly what want to become, such as: “I am confident in any and every situation” “I am so comfortable and confidence in the presence of others” it programs your mind (subconscious) into believing such statements. You then begin to act in that manner faster than you can imagine. All it takes is a few weeks, sometimes months (depending on that you’re after) of daily repetition and things will start changing.

Combining the three simple tips I learned from Victor, has helped in the developing of my personal confidence. Although there are many things we can do, by keeping it simple in my approach to this matter, I was able to improve in the areas I needed it most consistently. Hope you enjoyed, feel free to check out my latest posts here!

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