Living in The Present

Living in the present sometimes does not coincide with how you live your life. How can such a contradiction exist in your life? It’s basically about living in a house whose features you are no longer aware of until you are reminded to keep grounded and start feeling your surroundings again.

Scary? Maybe. But you then understand why some single nesters would rather walk around the house barefoot and cook food on their own. It helps them get a grasp on their life and be present in the moment. Because sometimes, we as young urban professionals become too preoccupied with tomorrow or next week or next month that we overlook today.

How can we keep track of the present moments? Let the following tips help you get your grounding again.

  1. Pay attention to the way you breathe.

Nervous people are often told to take deep breaths to condition themselves to think again. Not everyone is a quick thinker when immersed in stressful situations. But one can at least stop and breathe, literally, to get the feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed in situations and regain control of one’s senses. It also helps in clearing the mind quick enough for you to identify which solutions apply best to that thing causing you stress.

  1. Save at least an hour within your day to keep the gadgets away.

Anything, from meditation to finally getting to read the latest book that you bought, just to keep your mind away for the meantime from the gadgets that either distract you with app games or pepper you with countless notifications. Turning them off within that hour might mean missing out on some important calls. Then again, this is your zone.

Everyone needs time away from the reminders who may or may not be after your welfare (but are obviously so concerned with their bottom line that they end up delegating even the stressful parts of the job to you). Your smartphone already got you preoccupied with most of the day so much that it has gotten even into your sleeping hours. It won’t mind getting shut off for that 1 hour needed for relaxation.

  1. Use that hour to meditate.

Meditation has become a buzzword for busy yuppies in need of their sanity back. Some go as far as taking yoga classes (yes, with the gadgets turned off) in order to get used to the meditative level of focus in the present situation so they can meditate even in the middle of a train ride. Train rides are occasionally feasible for the mini-meditation sessions. But utilizing that one smartphone-less hour to meditate and clear one’s head of negative thoughts of oneself and everything else stressful is a good start to consider infusing your daily schedule with meditation sessions.

The last point also gives you an idea of what needs to happen in your pad before immersing yourself in a contemplative/meditative mood – dusty, smelly carpets that had seen better days. When was the last time you ever got in touch with a reliable carpet cleaning company? Get in touch with to see how their services can help you clean carpets found at home. It will also help you find more spots to meditate with clean, odorless carpet to sit down on in a lotus position.

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