How to Raise Your Level Of Consciousness – Power vs Force

The benefits of raising one’s consciousness are huge, and in this article, I’m going to share one simple, yet useful tip on how you can start practicing awareness.

Let me start by saying that by raising your level of consciousness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re now turning into some sort of spiritual person at all, it is simply a way of calming the chaotic mind, and strengthening the ability to decern, and choose the thoughts you engage with. Not just that, but also gaining control of emotions, fears and basically grounding yourself to the present moment. A close friend, owner of Affordable Movers Chula Vista, “Moving Services” shared with me a book called “Power VS. Force” by David Hawkins, and the following is a short introduction to that book, that has impacted my life tremendously.

Meditation would be the first step in attaining a calmer mind, along with Yoga exercises. To sit quietly for 20-30 minutes a day, allows you to simply observe the thoughts that arise randomly, and disidentifying from them by bringing your attention back to your body, breath, and sounds around you. You’ll slowly notice that the mind isn’t all that easy to control after all, and most thoughts are of their own making, unvoluntary to the observer, your higher self. With practice, you will gradually realize the real self is the observer, who chooses the thoughts it engages, which ultimately gives you control over thoughts, emotions, and behavior. The practice of meditation is the practice of consciousness itself.

Observance of Thoughts

Levels of consciousness chart by David Hawkins

In the book of Power vs Force, David Hawkins calibrate the different levels of consciousness based numerical chart starting at 20 (the lowest level of consciousness which is Shame), all the up to 1000 (the highest level of consciousness, which is Enlightenment.) What he describes is the thoughts we naturally engage with, determines the person’s level of awareness. Since everything starts in the mind, engaging in the lower levels such as shame (20) or apathy (50) we naturally resonate with people and emotions of that nature. A person who is in a content state of apathy, for example, is someone who feels hopeless and has no control over themselves. It is a state of mind nobody voluntarily chooses, such as depression. (Check chart levels)

Thus, the goal is becoming aware of our thoughts, which in turn, dictates our mood, emotions, and behaviors. The practice of meditation is the practice of disidentifying with unwanted, negative thought patterns we have embodied over the years, throughout life; negative experiences, limiting beliefs, childhood trauma etc.

Feel free to check out the book for more information on raising your consciousness and ultimately improving your life. Thanks for reading guys, I’ll post more articles soon!

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