About Me

What’s up, everyone!

First off welcome to RVW Games. My name is John; I’m from San Diego California. This is my simple blog page, where I will be sharing some of my life’s experience.

Over the past four years, I have kicked off on this awesome journey on educating myself on the subjects that interest me most. I guess you can say a self-improvement journey! Now you might be thinking ‘why rvw games as a title?’ Robot Virtual World has been something I’ve always been passionate about learning. So what I decided on doing, is share my story and knowledge with a cool crowd that might just get an interesting read out of this. Sharing what I learn with people who have the same interest has always been my targeted audience… Just seems to flow better in my writing. I have blogs for boxing, traveling and Call of Duty, so you get the drift.

Though I won’t be necessarily talking about programming or visiting the beautiful Palm Island, the content I will be sharing is interesting enough to learn from. At least I like to think so.. 🙂

Hope you like my posts, if you do, please feel free to reach out or and leave a comment!